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Karma Rx

If you’re ever in the mood to jack off to a hardcore anal queen than look no further than the hot, blonde, big titty, heavily tattooed and pierced babe that is Karma Rx. It’s only been two years since this bombshell has hit the scene, but goddamn has she hit the scene, taking it by storm. So much so that she won the coveted Best in Sex Award at the AVN Awards in 2019. Karma really is an amazing fuck and you should not be missing out on her performances. She was born January 21st, 1993 and you should definitely send her a happy birthday message when that comes around. Her laid back style is because she comes from California, but that also explains her awesome work ethic; have fun, but get your shit done attitude. This big tit porn star’s huge tits measure up at 32H with the rest of her measurements reading 24-36, yeah, you read that right, 32 H! and her ass is not something to disavow, because her ass is just as impressive as her tits, with the amount of cock it can take in her little asshole, and its beautifully adorned with some cool script tattoos to really make you give it the attention that it deserves. This curvy babe stands at 5'4" tall and 110 pounds, just imagine the tossing around you could do with her, gets you hard just imagining. Although her body was built to take a crazy amount of cock, she likes to indulge in both cocks and pussies, getting as much cum on her tattoos from any sex as possible. Check her out in a bunch of our stuff, especially ANALIZED! Don’t miss out, you’ll truly be sorry to miss out on a Karma Rx scene. Follow her on Twitter

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