Alysa Gap Is Gapped by a Massive BBC


Alysa Gap


Alysa Gap's favorite thing in the world is, as her name suggests, getting her asshole and pussy gapped to no end. This is what her hung and thick friend is here to do today. As soon as she sees him, Alysa gets down on her knees and pulls his cock out. She licks it, sucks it, and even tries to fit it all in her mouth, but she can't even get half of it in. Her ass is gonna get destroyed! Once she's had a mouthful of dick, she takes her short shorts off so her friend can lubricate his dick in her pussy. Once his cock is all wet and slippery, he bends Alysa over and starts fucking her ass from behind. But, to humiliate her a bit, he takes his cock out of her ass and makes her clean it with her mouth. Then he makes her squat on his dick in her ass. It hurts, but she loves it. He fucks her back and forth from back to front, and finally takes his cock out and blows his whole load on her face.


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