Skylar Snow Proves Her Ass Can Take It


Skylar Snow is a young redhead slut whose first instinct when a camera is pointed her way is to bring out her huge natural tits, and why shouldn't a hot blonde babe with big natural boobs and a big ass not be allowed to show off what she's got? Skylar laments the fact that more guys haven't fucked her and James Deen introduces his cock to Skylar’s pussy to officially say that they've fucked. Skylar further shows off her holes and it's getting him harder. He lays her on the bed and ravages her pussy and licks her asshole while she moans for more. He obliges and inserts his penis into her great ass and she's in heaven, her tight asshole hasn't been stretched this much in her life. While he fucks her ass he rubs her pussy, making sure not to ignore it and giving it the attention it deserves. Skylar can't contain her excitement and moans in euphoric ecstasy. He takes out his cock to admire her gaping asshole but quickly shoves it back in taking her by surprise and gasping at the motion.  He closes her legs for a tight fit of his cock in her asshole. He wants her to taste her fluids and rams his cock down her throat, she fucks his cock with her mouth but soon has to gasp for air as his cock seals her mouth shut with no room for air. She takes a breather by fucking his dick with her massive natural tits, although her tits feel marvelous he wants to face fuck her and rams her mouth onto his cock, like a pro, Skylar never forgets the balls, she wants to prove herself to him and tries to fit his whole cock in her mouth until it hits the back of her throat and she chokes turning her red; she’s a trooper. He's tired of her mouth and wants her asshole. He bends her over on the armchair and shoves his cock into her tight asshole, she shrieks at his massiveness, but he continues to thrust into her. Again, he removes his cock from her ass to admire her gaping asshole. But Skylar wants more and shoves him onto the chair and straddles him in reverse cowgirl and he shoves his cock into her ass; she fingers her pussy while he fucks her ass. James throws her onto the bed to get better leverage to pound her fat ass. However, Skylar gets tired of him doing all the work and wants to ride him, but he goes against her wishes and furiously fucks her ass while she's on top. He's about cum and Skylar wants it on her face and in her mouth, and how can he say no? He jizzes all over her face and in her mouth and she continues to suck every last drop out of him.


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