Renata Black Get Her Thick Ass Violated


Renata Black


Renata Black is showing off her amazing ass to make her hung friend horny. She is bent over on a sofa and is fingering her asshole. It doesn't take long for her plan to bear fruit. Her friend is sitting in a chair and his cock is hard as Renata crawls to him. As soon as she gets a hold of that fat cock she starts to suck it. Once the guy's cock is wet and slippery from Renata's spit, he takes her asshole and starts to smash it. He is fucking her hard from behind, then he moves to fucking her sideways. After that, he makes her squat on his cock. Both of them decide to take a bit of a break, so Renata goes down on her friend, sucking his cock clean, before getting into his lap for some more anal fun. They finish things off with a cumshot to the face and mouth.


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