Abella Danger Anal Destruction


Being one of the finest, Abella Danger puts herself out again to give us some groundbreaking anal session. She is known for being expressive when she gets a dick inside and it gets better the more extreme what the dick do to her. She’s really one of the best. Abella enters the scene with an outfit that really goes well with her figure. But that wouldn’t matter because she’ll be taking it all off in few minutes. As she does this ‘unboxing’ bit of the video, she plays with herself using a familiar shaped plug. She goes on top of the table and proceeds to use this object to forcefully penetrate her asshole. A curious onlooker, James Deen, comes over to help out this poor lady to achieve some great pleasure only a real dick can give. But first, they didn’t forget to do some introductory touching and finger banging. It’s some sort of etiquette that they need to do before some hardcore fucking. James Deen is not known for being gentle unless he is asked to. When no one points it out, his default mode is to fuck hard. It’s a factory setting. He comes with that function. So naturally, Abella gets handled like an object from the start. James grabs her by the neck, face or hair to pin her down several times. When James does what he needed to do, he pushes Abella against the pillar and starts fucking her ass while still tugging her with some kind of leash. But James is not that cruel. He asks drags Abella to sit on the table and starts eating her out. Eventually, he continued fucking that asshole. James thought that it isn’t fair that he’s the only one doing the work. So he grabbed Abella to go on top and let her do the fucking for a while. When he got his stamina back, he places Abella on top of the table again to continue his rough fucking. With one leg in the air or sideways, he made sure to wreck that pussy from every angle possible. When he came, he didn’t stop just by showering her mouth with cum. James grabbed Abella by the hair and drags her face across the table to clean the mess.


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